Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ribbon Here, Ribbon There, Ribbon Everywhere!

Ok, I really never thought of myself as a ribbon hoarder, but I just found out I am :)

I've been working on this flap book for an upcoming class for the last four days (sneak preview soon) and am at the point where I'm doing the embellishments and need ribbons. 

I started looking at my ribbon, didn't find anything that was just right.  I know I have more ribbon in "various other places!" 

The hunting and gathering begin . . .

I decided to get a HUGE box and put all the ribbon rolls and a shoebox full of "extra pieces" into it.  The box is full and I still have "other spots" to gather from! 

Do you think I could find just what I was looking for??? Of course not! 

P.S. I really should be doing my Christmas cards instead of this, but I can't stop :)

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