Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Store Hours for May 15-19

There are some adjustments to this week's store hours.  

Tuesday, May 15 - open until 2 pm

Wednesday, May 16 - 11-6pm

Thursday, May 17 - 11-5pm

Friday, May 18 - 11-3pm

Saturday, May 19 - 2:30pm-6 pm

This week's sale:
25% off all School / Graduation / Prom Items

Remember - Scrapbook Connection always has in-store specials!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend in Lancaster, PA

It's been quite a few years since we visited Lancaster, PA.  I don't think we were in the downtown area, years ago, because all my pictures are more rural and I remember seeing many Amish people/farms.

This weekend we were there for one of Alicia's dance competitions and we stayed downtown.  It is a really cute town with great buildings.  We did a lot of walking and the weather was beautiful.   There was an indoor Farmer's Market that was wonderful with homemade, homegrown and very tasty food. 

On the way home, we were driving down the highway and saw tons of people and cars lining the highway with their chairs, coolers and lunch - waiting for something.  What would we do without the internet  - I searched and found out that Make a Wish does an annual (over 20 years) Mother's Day Truck Convoy - over 400 trucks proceeded down the highway and then there was a day of food and events.  I'm glad we drove by before the convoy and not during!  We did see many Amish families walking to the highway and sitting in the grass to watch.  We even saw some of the horses and buggies tied up under trees. For us, it was an amazing site to see.

So my Mother's Day treat (besides driving home from Lancaster - haha)  was to stop and get a delicious ice-cream in a waffle cone at this ice cream, bakery, and chocolate shop.  We were too full after the ice-cream to even think of anything else to eat!