Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I will keep this post updated with the class schedule. Check back for updates and feel free to share the schedule with your friends and family.

Please note:  when attending classes, please be sure to bring your basic tool kit:  adhesives, paper trimmer, scissors, ruler, pen/pencil, inks and anything else indicated. 

When taking a class you will receive 10% off all purchases that day.

Monday, Nov 30 at 6pm - Desktop Calendar $25 - 2 seats available

Thursday, December 3 at 6 pm - $25
Christmas Card Wall Hanging
 One seat available

NEW - Saturday, December 5 at 11 am - $20
Winter Hot Cocoa Pail
Only 8 seats available
We will be using some cool products like glimmer mist and fun flock for this project

*NEW* Wednesday, December 9 at 6pm $20
Christmas Cards - 8 cards - 2 each of 4 designs

*NEW*  Last Chance Gift Making / Card Making
Friday December 11 and Saturday December 12
Come in anytime during store hours these days
and complete a holiday project or make christmas cards.
 Please call - 607-204-0611 to see what projects are available.
 Any kits/projects left over from previous classes will be used.
For example, Wooden Organizer, Wooden Tea Tray, Desktop Calendar,
Christmas Card Holder, Winter Pail, Christmas Cards

Finally, after all your cards are done and gifts made, make time to come and scrap
Friday, December 18 from 5-11pm $10

As always, please call to reserve your spot.  Payment is expected at time of reservation.

Thanks - Donna

Another Tea Tray

Here is a photo of Di's wonderful tea tray that she completed.  Way to go!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Annual Black Friday Event - This Sunday!

Cookies are in the oven!  I'm cooking up some tasty treats for our

Annual Black Friday Sale
THIS SUNDAY - Nov. 22 from NOON-4pm

Come in for some great holiday cheer, cookies, and

If you've been to our sale in the past, you know you will get some awesome deals.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Gift Making in Progress

Some very talented ladies have been busy at Scrapbook Connection making presents for family and friends.
Here are a few of the projects and also photos from our Sunday Crop. 

The Importance of Recharging your batteries

I didn't fall off the face of the earth - really.  I meant to post here - I even thought of what I was going to post especially on those nights that my eyes pop open during the night and won't close again until it's almost time to get up!!

Recharging Your Batteries - Part I
We all know it's important to take time for our selves, smell the roses, yada yada.  I was happy that Greg, Alicia and I were able to do that on Veteran's Day.  With the holiday, it was a perfect opportunity to visit our friends Joe and Theresa who live near Cuba, NY.  They live at the end of a dirt road in a log cabin that Joe built using lumber from his land.  Their 200 acres of property are at the end of a dirt road and very quit.  It's the perfect place to recharge - not watching a clock, no computer, just listening to the trees blowing, which is very soothing when so many are all going at once, or watching the cows and boy do we eat!  I couldn't resist this picture of their dog, Rocky.  He loves to put half his body and one leg on the couch and play with his stuffed animal.

Part II - Recharging your Camara Battery
Rocky was the only one who had his picture taken :( 
When I went to take a picture of the cows - there was no battery left!   UGH!

Joe raises Scotch Highland cows and a new calf was born this summer I wanted to get a picture of the baby and the others too because you never know who's going to be there the next time you're there!  There was a perfect photo op when one of the cows discovered he could get out of the fence and wondered all over the yard and when Greg and Joe had to fix the fence all the cows marched down and stood around watching them.  It was so funny to see them - it was big happenings on the farm for them!  I'm so bummed that I didn't get those pictures.

BTW the first thing I did when we came home was to put the camara on the charger :)

I post the pictures I took with my newly charged batteries next.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Random Thoughts

Halloween is different now.  Where I live we really do not get any kids trick or treating and Alicia went to her friend's neighborhood so Greg and I didn't need to stay home.  I had a few errands to run and it was great because the only people in the stores were college kids and us old folks!  It was kinda nice.  We then went to get a bite to eat at a local pub around us and it was a ghost town! hee hee.   Everyone was home handing out candy, except us and about 8 other people!

I'm not liking the time change.  It felt like I lost an hour of sleep rather than gain an hour.  I was soooo tired yesterday and on top of that it was dark soooooo early.  As soon as it gets dark, I feel like it's bedtime.  I guess I'm going to have to feed nyseg this year and keep all the lights on so I can trick myself into thinking it's light out!

Did you see the wood organizer for the class on Saturday???  Here's a peek

I did mine in wine because I like wine, but if you take the class you can choose from a few different themes.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but the grapes and wine glass are popped up and there are some other embellishments used too.

Don't forget to check your email for coupons this week and I will also be open this Tuesday and Wednesday from Noon -6 pm - Hope to see you this week.

Enjoy your Monday!