Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day!

For those of you with the day off today, enjoy and I hope to see you at the store later.  

Family weekend at college was fun.  Not only did we get to spend time with Tyler, but we met one of his roommates and a couple of his friends and we were able to spend time with both Greg and my families.   Tyler's friends seem like good kids and they get along really well. 

Tyler is living in a dorm room with 3 other guys and boy was I surprised that 1. all the beds were made, 2.  there was no "stuff" around 3.  the room did not smell!  I wonder -- is it always like that or did they tidy up because of family weekend?????

Back to scrapbook talk - I'm happy with my Finish It Friday - I finished 2 cards that needed to be done by Friday - and on the way to Buffalo I was able to finish an album and prep the next card class.  Melissa and Kathleen were at the store on Friday an made some progress on their work too.  How about the rest of you?  Need some inspiration - come on in on Friday with one or two of your unfinished projects and Finish It!

Well, I'm off to do errands and take Alicia to the dentist and then the store to find an awesome Deal of the Day for those stopping in today!


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