Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Birds and the Bees - minus the Bees

This was not funny to me! It was however funny to DH and DS!

So, yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day so I had the doors to the store WIDE open!  Tyler was here doing some work for me when lo' and behold a BIRD flys in!  Now, I have to tell you that Birds are NOT my favorites - especially flying birds.

While I screamed like a girl and Tyler opened the screens on the windows and called Greg to come over, the bird was busy flying all over - mostly from the round window in the loft to the round window on the other side. 

I headed into Greg's temporary office (the old cry room with a nice big window in it).  The bird actually flew into the window and dropped to the floor as I watched him look up at me!  Just before Greg got here, the bird flew to a window and we thought (ha!) that it flew out.  I came out of my protected little room, walked almost to the check out counter and he starts flying around again - he didn't fly out, but attached himself to the one screen that was still down!

So, I freak out again - I really, really do not like flying birds coming at me.  Greg & Tyler are laughing hysterically at me and wishing that they had a video camera.  Thank God they didn't otherwise this whole scene would have been on youtube.

Finally, Greg went into the loft and opened the round window and the bird finally flew out.

Just goes to show you - you never know what kinda fun is happening at Scrapbook Connection!

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