Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Tragic Apple Pie Mishap

My mom has cooked Thanksgiving dinner for as long as I can remember.  While the number of people that come for dinner has decreased, the amount of food is probably the same!  For the past few years, Greg's job is to make the stuffing and mine is to make the pies. 

So Thanksgiving morning starts the usual way - grab a couple cups of coffee and begin the food making process.  This year my sister was in town a few days before and was able to help my mom get alot done, so we had an easy morning.  So, after peeling, cutting, and preparing my two apple pies from scratch, including the crust I put them into the oven and my sister, Greg and I went for a run - just a short one. 

When we came back (with 3 minutes still on the timer), I walked into the house and it was pretty "cloudy".  I looked into the oven and my pies were black - burnt to a crisp!  Somehow, the oven temperature was changed to 450 degrees.  UGHHHHH

Not only was all my work ruined - there was no apple pie for Thanksgiving :(

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